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The one decision I question the most is his decision to bench K-mart during the playoffs. If he had let Kenyon play all year and build up that anticipation, I believe he should have let him play as much as the knee would allow. I also think Kenyon should have been disciplined for blowing up, but it should have come in a different form.

The reason why Karl should have done this is to preserve the perception that K-mart can still play and will play despite his injuries, keeping his value high. Kenyon probably would have ended up benched by default since his knee is so banged up. Karl didn't anticipate this, and as a coach you have to anticipate these things.

Since officially Kenyon may be back next year, that would be a good time to straighten things out old school. No practice, no play, etc. If you're gonna be old school, you have to be consistent.
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