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A 2 with an outside shot
A 3 who can run the break and play active defense
A 5 with size

Speedy may be gone anyway so I try to work out a sign and trade with Atlanta for Harrington or Toronto for Maurice Peterson. Toronto would give us Mike James, which we could use, but we might as well pay Speedy to resign.

We'll need a backup point, so either move to draft Randy Foye with J.R. Smith or what I would prefer draft Daniel Gibson or Guillermo Diaz with our second rounder.

I'd see if I could get Dalembert from the Sixers using P.J., J.R. or Speedy. I'd love P.J. for one more year, but if I could get Kwame from L.A. or preferably Caron Butler from Washington I'd do it.

If we do nothing and draft who I want us to draft our team would look like this:

PG: Chris Paul, Speedy Claxton, Daniel Gibson(2nd Round)
SG: J.R. Smith, Quincy Douby(#15), Kirk Synder
SF: Rasual Butler, Desmond Mason
PF: David West, Aaron Williams, Brandon Bass
C: P.J. Brown, Cedric Simmons(#12), Mark Jackson

That's reasonable to expect, incredibly deep, athletic, cheap and young.
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