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Originally Posted by J Miles 23
its a good deal IMO...but what does that mean for Roko? cuz we would have 3 pgs if he comes over..thats not too good for progressing Roko or Jose

and i don't think this necessarily means were gonna take Bargani cuz if the Bulls are set on Tyrus then we can still get Alridge

are the Bobcats doin this to get something for Brevin..cuz raps and bulls arn't drafting morrison

Roko may not even come over this year. His buyout is probably too much but if he does he can play some 2 guard for us. The Cats do this trade because they want Morrison and they are afraid of some other team trading with us to take Morrison #1. I love this trade, it's the best one from all the rumors surrounding the #1 pick. I'd just rather have us draft Aldridge at #3 if he's there instead of Bargnani.

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