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Default I love OKC Thunder...a contrast to my home team

So I've been sort of following the Thunder (/Sonics) since Durant entered the league cuz I was really high on him as a next big star.

Now they are my favourite team in the league. They remind me of following the Spurs through the early 2000s. I'm from Toronto and follow the Raptors the closest, and here's a list of ways the Thunder contrast with the Raps that make me love them:

-star player acts like a leader and motivates teammates
-star player plays most aggressive/clutch when most needed
-team chemistry is A+++
-young, enthusiastic, complementary players
-team smart enough to draft a PG with a high pick, PG is the most important position in the league these days
-players play for each other instead of themselves
-any talent that is had isn't wasted through misapplication
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