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Default Re: Rudy Gay is just now as "good/talented" as Kevin Durant

Originally Posted by bdreason
Memphis would trade their entire backcourt (Mayo, Gay, and Conley) for Durant.

keep thinking that . OJ going to be the best guard in the leauge he is a keeper Heisley (owner) even called him Little Kobe Bryant.

back to gay, if Gay actually cared about winning ( which doesn't) I wouldn't trade Gay and a lottery pick for Durant, but since he doesn't I would. I am going to get the virtually the same production if I get Durant

Durant gets 7 boards a game compared to Gay's 6. Put Durant next to Marc and Z-bo it goes down to 6. Durant averages 2.8 apg, with all the low post iso we do, it would be around gay apg of 2.0.

Scoring Durant won't score more than 23 ppg even that's a stretch.

The only thing I gain is winning attitude(which is big), someone who can hit clutch fts, and 2-3 more ppg. That's it. Gay actually may be slightly a better defender also.
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