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Default Re: Rudy Gay is just now as "good/talented" as Kevin Durant


eFG%: 51.2

TS%: 60.2


eFG%: 49.5

TS%: 53.8

I know it's easy just to say "he needs to work on FTs" and then just let it be that. But ability to get to the line and make your shots there is huge, there's a reason it's one of the 4 factors of basketball. It's also one of the reasons why Durant is one of the 2 best scorers in basketball. Durant gets there 10 times a game compared to Gay's 5 times a game. Big difference since Gay still scores 2/3 of Durant number of points in per game.

So no Rudy Gay is not as good a scorer as Durant and he's got a long way to go.

But he is a good player though, no doubt about it. Durant is just better, while still being 2 years younger.
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