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Default Shaq and his future after this season (thoughts??)

I think for Shaq alot will have to do with what Lebron does this off season.
If Shaq wins another ring , it's possible he may call it quites.
He was a follower of how MJ taylored his career winning on a high note when MJ was with the BULLS.

If he doesn't win another ring this year , it's quite possible he hooks up with another elite team, and or follows Bron.

IF no ring I could see him playing for the Spurs , Lakers , Mav's , and maybe even the Heat.

My gut feeling is that if he gets a ring this year, I think he'll sign on with the Cav's for one more year and try for 6. (1 year contract in 2010/11 at vet min.)

thoughts ...
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