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Default Re: Point Guard situation?

That's almost what we should have done last year . If we had the opportunity I would draft either Wall or Turner. Other than that I think it should be a center. Stuckey has proven this year he is our best player on the roster. He has proven he can play PG but has been asked to be the scorer for the team because he is really the only one in the back court who can create on his own. We're certainly not as bad at PG as everyone thinks. The more I think about it I don't want to trade Rip. I want to trade BG and Charlie. Rip is a solid player. We know his game and know what he can consistently do. BG we know is consistently inconsistent. We also know he is way over rated. That's the contract that will kill Detroit for years to come unless we unload it. Besides at this point the only way to get a Lee or Boozer type player is through a sign and trade. BG will be one of those guys mentioned just because of the money he makes and the need to match contracts. At the end of the day, they should have never traded Chauncey.... it was bad for the team from a win-loss stand point and it was a very bad business move. When the team isn't winning the fans jump overboard which is why they aren't making near as much money.
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