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Originally Posted by 23jordan23
Its a alright deal im not impressed as much people i think its amazing that it gets reid of Alvin Williams Contract..But as i said in previous forums Brevin knight to me is a bench guard and hes not a long term hes ur typical X's n O point guard but say we make the playoffs i dont brevin is good enough to compete with the Chauncey billips,Jason Kidd's of the leauge..hes a poor mans version of eric snow and eric snow aint even that spectacular.especially we dont have the bonus scoring to the point guard spot that Mike james gave us when Bosh and Villeneuva was off there games..hes not a promising guard..but the deal is good in the sense were not loosing anything ..but id prefer them to do sumthin more long term eg: a sebastian telfair type guard that can dish the ball as good as any guard hes quick..and has sum scoring punch to him also and most of all young..and no im not sayin Sebastian is amazin hes a good young guard with potential .

toronto needs a veteran at the PG position to set up buckets for all the youth on our team. we need a distributor at the PG slot, not a scorer. and i seriously doubt you've watched much of brevin knight OR eric snow recently because they are not on the same level. snow is out there to bring the ball past half, then pass it to bron, while trying to play OK defense. knight lead the league in assists not too long ago, and is accustomed to playing with young players while providing leadership.

and telfair? OVERRATED. he's the 3rd string PG on a team as horrible as Portland... i dont want this pint sized PG or his shaq sized ego anywhere near the raptors.

also... we won't be missing james' offensive contributions whatsoever. bosh, charlie, joey, and our draft pick will all be looking for more touches next season... we need a distributor who can play solid D... and thats knight.
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