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Originally Posted by dallasmavs1
No doubt that the Mavs had their best season in franchise history. That should be commended. I think the Mavs came apart in the finals. When you start blaming everyone else but yourselves when you lose a game (see the Detroit Pistons in the 2006 Eastern Conference finals) you will only hurt yourself and the team. Emotions got in the way of their playing ability. Of course it doesn’t help any when Mark Cuban is out pointing fingers and shouting obscenities at officials. Had the Mavs and Cuban acted more like professionals and grownups rather than elementary children out on the playground, I think the outcome of the 2006 NBA Championship would have come out a different way.

No doubt Dallas is a true contender now and that is a huge accomplishment. No doubt refereeing needs major overhauls. A true champion will pack this one in the bag, move to next season and come back even stronger. Sometimes this just gets eclipsed by a prodigy - Dwyane Wade did match every free throw Shaq missed, and in some cases matched all Dallas' free throws.

Fix the refereeing soon, because it is atrocious, but I truly believe Dallas had it in them to win despite bad and non-calls. It didn't happen. It didn't happen.

I want to see Dallas go all the way through again next year.
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