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Default Re: red dead redemption

Side missions:
* Bounty Hunting
** Initiated by tearing a Wanted Poster from the wall
** Bounty is marked by a Red Skull on the mini map
** Most have a Dead or Alive option, with bringing them Alive netting a larger reward
** Incapacitate and hog tie a bounty to bring them in alive
** Kill them to collect the "Dead" reward
*** You have to bring in a piece of clothing or evidence from the dead.
** The more bounty missions you do the higher the rewards get and the more difficult they get.
** Showing a preference for Bounty Hunting missions after Treasure Hunting ones results in the game offering more of them.
* Treasure Hunting
** Initiated by simply searching
** Use a roughly drawn map to find a landmark near the treasure
** Search under stones for the treasure
** Can stumble upon a snake if you upturn the wrong stone
** Treasure can include gold bars and additional maps
** Showing a preference for Treasure Hunting missions after Bounty Hunting ones results in the game offering more of them.
* Poker
* Blackjack
* Five-Finger Fillet
** Consists of pressing the face button flashed on screen quickly and accurately at an increasing pace
* Horseshoes
* Deputy Patrol
** Patrol a town at night with the aide of a guard dog
* Bull Riding
** Initiated by lassoing a bull
* Mugging
* Burglary
** Involves entering an NPC's house and stealing their possessions.
* Cattle herding
* Hunting
** Furred animals can be skinned, feathered animals can be plucked
** Skinning leaves a mutilated carcass
** Skinning is done off camera, though it can be heard
** Hunting all forty animals nets a reward outfit
** Can purchase bait for use in hunting
* Plant gathering
** Initiated by picking plants and flowers
** Plants can be sold to doctors to make medicine
* Bird Sharpshooting
** Initiated by shooting a vulture
** Prompts to shoot the rest of the pack within the time limit
** Builds up fame
** Ascending levels
* Bank Robbing
** Initiated by having a gun drawn in a bank
* Dueling
** Can't duel everybody (like old women), but you can duel other gunslingers

Full List of Confirmed Weapons:
* Colt Police Positive
* Smith & Wesson Schofield No. 3
* Le Mat Revolver
* Colt Peacemaker
* Remington Auto Shotgun
* Spencer Carbine
* Henry Rifle
* Carcano M1891
* Coach Gun
* Sawed-off Shotgun
* Winchester 73
* Long Malcolm
* Sharps
* Lasso
* Knife
* Dynamite
* Evans Repeater
* Gatling Gun
* Throwing knives
* Mauser pistol
* Fire bottle
* Buffalo Rifle
* Cattleman Revolver
* Winchester 1903 Automatic with LM scope
* MG08
* Colt M1903
* Springfield M1903mk1
* Springfield 1873 Trapdoor

* Online, described as "Players charging around on horses and stagecoaches and trains, shooting each other" by Dan Houser

“Read Dead Redemption has an extensive multiplayer mode. Instead of a lobby, it begins with a free-roaming multiplayer mode where players can run freely through the game world. They can form gangs with other players they meet there, and this transition can be computer controlled bandits.”

Included Multiplayer Modes:

Gold Rush - Collect as many bags of gold as possible
Deathmatch - Kill as many players as you can
Hold Your Own - Capture the Flag style game using Loot Bags

Red Dead Redemption will be released May 18th in North America and May 21st in Europe. When Rockstar reveal further official multiplayer details next week, we’ll keep you posted.

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