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Originally Posted by Wadeisabeast
If your kids believe still believe in Santa they are too young to play a PS3. I knew santa when I was 8, but my parents were also very bad at hiding it. There would be presents under the tree with "santa" on them in early December. I wouldn't get kids a new gaming console until they were at least 12, because there are no games made for young kids.

yeah, i know. the games out right now are pretty scarce. there's only a couple that I myself would play. but that's about the only thing he's been asking for. don't really know why. I guess he likes my ps2. but he's getting to the age where he's gonna figure out the whole Santa thing and i hate to disappont him, but i'm not spending 600 bucks on something that he's not old enough to take care of.

man I use to be able to fill out 2 pages of stuff that i wanted for christmas. my family asked me for a list of stuff i wanted last week, and it took me 3 days to come up with about 4 or 5 things i could tell them.
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