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Randy Foye.

Well I'm not experienced at this so:

Athleticism - Quick, can jump, uses it extremely well to penetrate the lane, combine that with agility and great strength for his rather short compact frame, you got a slasher.
Ballhandling - NOt necessarily PointGuardesque, but he'z a good secondary choice for a ballhandler. Not turnover prone, kind of like what Ray Allen does for the sonics or J-Rich does for the Warriors.
Shooting - Beautiful midrange game. Almost flawless. Is like wade in that he rises to the occasion when being guarded viciously. Master at making tough shots, laying it off the glass from 16 feet out etc. Not so sure about NBA range tho.
Fire - Just a competitive guy, with a tough, harsh childhood. Street Hungry
Defense - Great positioning, doesn't back down, gives INTENSE effort.

Passing - Not as good as college assist numbers indicate. Not fit to be a point guard, but an ideal SG instead. Court vision above average.
Size - Obvious. At 6'3.25 and without exceptional passing/pg skillz you've got yourself another one of those Arenas/Gordon guys.
Foul Trouble - Basically on defense he gambles a lot and plays a bit too tight. With the guard respecting officials these days, this could hurt him a bit.

My statistic predictions, love the guy but have to be unbiased.
Rookie - Little below 9 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists with very solid defense.
I'm thinking he plays on Seattle sonics, so his rebounding may be inflated due to their lack of a post prescense.
Career averages - 15/5/4/1.9 steals.
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