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Default Re: How do you feel about JR Smith's court decisions?

I'm totally convinced he would be a great player in the NBA. Here's a guy who I would have compared to Ray Allen, and had the long term potential to be a Sugar Ray. However, his bball IQ has held him back immensely.

His game is smooth as hell but I wonder if it's not just his brain that's buggin' but maybe work ethic. Why hasn't he developed any sort of mid-range game? Especially with a guy like Melo on his team, he should be trying to copy everything Melo does. Seems like he either dunks, or shoots from 30+ feet, there's no inbetween.

I will say though, A LOT of people undervalue his game. The dude has the ability to pass the ball on his drives, like he showcased during the playoffs last season. It's just the consistency that comes with having a solid bball IQ, as if he has to mentally remind himself every thime down the court that there are things to do other than take 30 footers.
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