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Default Finance professionals?

I got a question for those of you fimiliar with the finance feild.

I got a bachelors in biology with a minor in Bus Admin, and then joined the Army. Got out a little while back and I've been thinking about getting into finance. Been lookin at a Masters program for finance. But I'm not sure of which feild in finance to get into. I was thinking about getting into Corporate Finance, but still not sure. Which feild would be the best to get into. I'm not a sales man, so I doubt I could do too well as one of those financial advisors where you find people to give you their money and you invest it. What is the financial analyst side like. Like the people that work in the Wall street. I doubt there would be many jobs like that in Dallas though. Can someone please tell me what the different sides of finance are like?

Please help. Educated answers.
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