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Default Re: Guards to look out for in 2009-2010

You mean Evan Turner doesn't belong anywhere near Avery Bradley? The same Avery Bradley who probably won't go until the bottom half of the first round unless he really drops some jaws at individual workouts? I think Bradley has a high ceiling but he didn't do enough this year to show me he's worth a lottery pick right now. Maybe I'm way off base, though.

I can sort of see where you're coming form on the Evan Turner argument, but what else does he have to do to prove to you that he's a stud? He isn't necessarily JUST a guard. He's 6'7" and should be capable of playing the 3 in the NBA. I think Turner is a lot like Brandon Roy; he's probably already near his ceiling, but should be ready to come into the NBA and make an immediate impact. Players like Henry, Bradley, and Wall have higher ceilings, but that doesn't mean Turner isn't worthy of a top 5 or even lottery pick.

Just to be blunt, I honestly don't really agree with much of what you said in regards to Evan Turner, but it's your opinion (and this is my opinion), and there's nothing wrong with giving your opinion.
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