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Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
Dan Burke said in the postgame O'Brien literally told Hibbert to work on the corner 3 last offseason. Seriously, the corner 3. Take time out of lifting weights, getting quicker, working on footwork, to shoot corner 3s. Jim O'Brien is a dickhead. Fire him right now, with a game left. And Simon says O'Brien's back next year. Hell no. I will not go to games, I will not watch. ANYONE but JOB. Mark Jackson wants a gig w/ no experience, sign him up. See if Slick's got some gas left in the tank, Boyle, Kellogg, hell Denari, ANYONE.
yeah, that is pretty dumb. it seems JOB can't come up w/ something on his own and he's always borrowing off of other team ideas(mostly Phoenix).

he got hired as head coach and immediately started a run & gun/excessive 3pt shooting offense ripped off from Phoenix.

now he's wanting a big to shoot 3's? sounds like he's mimicking the Suns' Channing Frye to me.

Hibbert is doing just fine in the post as it seems that the "true center" position is fading away. leave Roy alone, JOB.
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