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Default Trade Ellis This Offseason?

I was reading this article on

I think we need to trade Ellis now, while he's still worth something. He hasnt blown his top yet, and has playoff experience for another young team.

Perhaps the Sixers would like to start anew. Iguodala and Speights for Ellis and Wright? Or maybe just Iguodala for Ellis? Both trades work on the ESPN Trade Machine. People have been talking about the Iguodala for Ellis trade for a while now. Ellis and Lou Williams might mesh well together - two big ego kids who skipped college for the pros.

Or how a deal with the Grizzlies? They have been interested in Monta Ellis too. Ellis for Mayo and Thabeet might work. For the Griz, Ellis would be nice in their starting lineup. I havent seen much of Mayo play in the pros, only in college, but from what I remember, he might thrive here. Thabeet might not be a bust if we look long-term.

Also heard the Wolves were interested in an Ellis for Al Jefferson trade. That would work out nice too. We need a better presence in the low post. They got Love and their 2010 draft pick down there already... If we dont trade Biedrins, he can just come off the bench or something.

Anyone else hear of, or think of any other trade scenarios for Ellis? I dont think he wants to be here and I think a lot of the fans are over him.
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