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Default Re: Sixers officially fire coach Eddie Jordan

Originally Posted by ihatetimthomas
If I were Larry Brown, I would be considering the Clippers over the Sixers. Clippers have more flexibility in their roster, and they have some nice young guns. Sixers are stuck with the guys they have basically
Except that if you were Larry Brown, you would have children who are going to high school in Philly and a wife who still lives there. And it's not like he would up and move them out of that high school, he specifically moved his family back there so that they could attend Episcopal (Gerald Henderson and Wayne Ellington's high school). Yesterday Larry said his current coaching spot would be his last but it is Larry Brown. I could see him living in another city from his family like he does now, but not really all the way on the other coast in Clipperville. Possibly weighing against Brown coming here is that he would like to have control over personnel and as of today, Stefanski still has his job. edit: I wasn't trying to come off as a smartass if that's how it came across, sorry.
"The qualities of the next head coach ... the qualities have to be a manager, teacher and motivator. Three qualities I would look for right away.

Ironically that's what we already had with Mo Cheeks. Here's a list of potential guys I came up with in the Sixers forum last week:

Byron Scott
Jeff Van Gundy
Avery Johnson
Doug Collins
Tom Thibodeau (Boston assistant)
Mike Budenholzer (SA assistant)
Dwayne Casey
Chris Ford
Sam Mitchell
Lawrence Frank
Paul Silas
Mike Dunleavy

Not all guys I would consider, just a short list of guys who are out there. Byron Scott fits the description, Dwayne Casey was one of the 2 finalists last year when Jordan got the job. The guy everyone wants is Avery Johnson but when asked about the job last year he stated he wanted to be the only guy pursued by a team, not be part of a coaching search. Plus he's big bucks and Philly likely can't afford that while still paying old coaches. I see them potentially going with an assistant from some where such as Thibodeau. Someone who isn't going to command big bucks and can possibly grow with the team, while also changing them back to a defensive philosophy.
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