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Default Re: Sixers officially fire coach Eddie Jordan

Originally Posted by Posterize246
Except that if you were Larry Brown, you would have children who are going to high school in Philly and a wife who still lives there. And it's not like he would up and move them out of that high school, he specifically moved his family back there so that they could attend Episcopal (Gerald Henderson and Wayne Ellington's high school). Yesterday Larry said his current coaching spot would be his last but it is Larry Brown. I could see him living in another city from his family like he does now, but not really all the way on the other coast in Clipperville. Possibly weighing against Brown coming here is that he would like to have control over personnel and as of today, Stefanski still has his job. edit: I wasn't trying to come off as a smartass if that's how it came across, sorry.

Yea, didn't really think of his personal life. Thinking more in the sense which team is bets for him to coach. And he would likely get to be GM and coach if he were the Clippers coach. He has coached here before, don't really think its out of the question. He would likely only be there for a few years tops anyways.
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