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Default Re: Trade Ellis This Offseason?

I don't think there will be many teams willing to roll the dice on Ellis after his injury plagued past few seasons. He has 4 years on his deal after this year. And he hasnt exactly shown to be a team player imo. And he is a turnover machine.

Iggy is not the player the Sixers hoped he would be, but he is very durable. He has only missed 6 games his entire career and has played 82 games 5/6 seasons. Certainly they would not throw in Speights on that deal bc he has shown promise. The one thing that may make them think about trading Iggy for Ellis is that Iggy will be making ridiculous cash on the final few years of his deal.

Can't really see OJ getting shipped over for him. And Thabeet has shown some promise down the stretch. ALthough I heard a rumor earlier that GS turned down the offer for him, I doubt Memphis will throw it out there now.

GS needs a bigman for Ellis, but I dont think the Wolves would unload AL Jeff for him. If the Warriors could get AlJeff for Ellis, that would be amazing for them.

Ellis is a very talented athletic combo guard but his value is not all that high right now. Maybe let him show he has regained himself to old form and trade him at the trade deadline next year
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