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Default Re: Sixers officially fire coach Eddie Jordan

Much as I'd like to see Brown return, I can't envision it happening. That roster is awful and, because of the stupidity that reigned supreme and signed the likes of Brand, Dalembert and Iguodala to long term deals, the next coach is stuck with it.

Worst of all...worse than overpaying mediocre talent (Iguodala), worse than overpaying players that are the worst possible fit for your "system" (Brand), worse than thinking you can teach a stiff to play the game at the NBA level (Dalembert)...this team quit during the second half this season. Just flat out quit on Jordan. Once guys have shown the lack of pride and professionalism required to tank like this bunch has, you never know when it's going to resurface.

Brown won't put himself in a situation where he's powerless, and the way they lifted their skirts the last 2 months has impacted the value of every player on the roster with the exception of Holliday and a couple of the other kids.

This franchise is in worse shape than when it went 9-73. It is perilously close to being the worst franchise in the game, and it could be that way for a long time.

As a lifer of 45+ years, and a guy who spent a couple years deeply involved with the franchise, I couldn't be more embarassed.
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