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Default Re: Sixers officially fire coach Eddie Jordan

Originally Posted by chocolatethunder
Why do you like Jordan as a coach?

He has his flaws, but I feel with the right team he could become a consistent winner in this league.

He has gotten handed some immature teams both in Washington and his 1 year with Philly (and considering some of the circumstances there, its hard to read too much into him as a coach for their record). But I think on a team with maturity and leadership in the roster as well as talent...he could be great. He will try to hold players accountable, and I like that he has a system that his players can refer to when things go out of whack. And on most teams that can be a great benefit when things get out of order. He obviously did some very good things in Washington, with what I don't think was all that good a team and probably only got fired due to injuries. But I think his role with the Nets success as the top assistant goes overlooked also.

He'll get another shot somewhere, and hopefully he makes the best of it. I wish he'd become an assistant with Denver in sorta a offensive coordinator role, and ultimately take over. hell I wouldn't be all that mad if he just took over.
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