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Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
Underrated by whom? Two time Dream Teamer and multi time all-star. If anything he is overrated. He puts up numbers if healthy(big if) while playing little D. Milsap put up numbers almost as good when he started while playing at both ends of the floor. Has a lot to do with the system as we'll likely see if he leaves.

If they can avoid the Spurs and Lakers. A lot to ask for.

ROTFLMAO! Talk about being overrated. He takes the cake.

Foul trouble is part of "knows all the right moves" brilliant coaching philosophy.

Wow a post about Utah , and it appears all you are doing is diss'n Utah and my OP about how well Utah will do in the playoff's... ISh needs more guys like you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do not see Boozer named in articles , Web threads about him getting lov from teams as Bosh and Amare do. Boozer has been named or linked to possible new job locations as in Miami and Chicago , that is it.

They have to get past Denver first , and probably meet up with the Lakers , who I think they can beat.

As for Sloan - how many years has he been coaching and how many of those years has he had his team in the playoff's - quit talking thru your a$$.

Yes fouls will be the telling issue for Utah , and fouls do not occur because of the coach. The coach is on the side line.

Every critical position and or close game , Utah must play solid defense and not put their opponent on the line , (could say this about all teams) , but for Utah I think they could loss a series because of it.

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