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Default Re: More team for sale rumors

Originally Posted by jbot
would they even make enough $ to support the place?
Not even close, they play at the old fairgrounds coliseum. The Pacers have exponentially more finances and allegedly can't pay the Fieldhouse upkeep fees. I really don't think it's that they CAN'T pay the $15mm upkeep costs, not anymore than they ever had trouble with it anyway, just that now they're able to renegotiate the lease and from a business standpoint you can't really blame them after the deal the Colts got on Lucas Oil.

For what it's worth, Bruno apparently said in a game chat he doesn't think there's any chance they leave. Pacers want a deal, Ballard wants one, the state wants one, thinks it'll happen. I think if they can make it through this year and the lockout, which is a lot easier said than done, financial problems will be a thing of the past with the new CBA.
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