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Default Re: Candy before games

Originally Posted by Lancerballer21
I don't know about u but for me i cant eat anything within like 1.5 hours of any game/practice or anything or i feel like barfing everywhere. U have to remember that NBA players are in better shae than most people will ever come close to in their lives, so there metabolisms can probably deal with eating something like that before a game. Just cause they can do it doesnt mean u can.

I wouldn't suggest it but if ur gonna try it i would suggest trying it at a practice first that way u dont cost ur team a game or anything if it doesnt work.

You must have a really slow metabolism or mine just goes way quick but then again I lift weights 3x a week and hoop 3x a week with one day of rest a week so that might be why.

But back to the original question, a bit of sugar and carbs do help so why dont you just drink Gatorade or a sports drink instead? Tastes just like candy anyways.
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