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Default Kevin Garnett elbowed Q-Rich in Game 1. UPDATE: KG suspended one game

Quentin Richardson was approaching in peace to see if Paul Pierce was ok, and in an extremely immature and asenine act, Kevin Garnett threw a small push with his elbow at Quentin Richardson. They exchanged words, and Garnett then threw a second, hard, violent elbow shot towards Quentin Richardson's head and neck. This type of behavior is absolutely intolerable, and steps need to be taken to eliminate this type of disgusting, childish behavior from this postseason, and from the game as a whole.

It's extremely shameful for KG to still act this way at his age.

I feel the league should send a strong message and fine him $25,000.00 and suspend him for one game for each elbow shot thrown.

How many of you see nothing wrong with the first "elbow push", but think KG should be fined and suspended for the 2nd, violent elbow shot?

How many other posters agree that the league should make an example out of this type of disgusting, unnecessary behavior?
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