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Default Re: Brandon Jennings is ROTY

Originally Posted by LA_Showtime
Nah, he isn't. He doesn't have better numbers than Evans or Curry. He also has a big mouth, which probably doesn't help his case.

I do, however, think Jennings is the only guy of the three who's learning what it actually takes to win in the NBA. Skiles is doing a great job teaching Jennings how to run an offense, play defense, all while showcasing his own abilities. If you had to put one of the three on a winning team right now, only Jennings would thrive.
Watching him run a offense is pretty fun to watch, he has such an influence on the offenseive aspect of the game, and does a good job at it.

His shot will greatly improve and he will obviously improve as a player.

Not to mention, Bogut was so good at offense this season because the Bucks finally got a good offense running PG.

2.Baddy Chuck
3.Stephen Curry.
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