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Default Re: Brandon Jennings is ROTY

Originally Posted by LJJ
Nobody expected Bogut to improve this much.

Bogut didn't improve much, he simply stayed on the court and avoided injury (until the end of the season) and was consistent, but he's been nearly this good for a few years now, people just don't watch the Bucks nor payed attention since Milwaukee was never that good.

Meanwhile the Bucks..
1. Were predicted to be in the cellar league wide
2. Lost Redd most the season
3. Traded RJ for next to nothing
4. Let CV walk
5. Let Sessions walk, and claimed in the pre-season their PG rotation was going to be better than last season's with just Jennings and Ridnour
6. Got nothing from last year's lotto pick (Alexander)

Unfortunately for Jennings, ROY is not like MVP where team success trumps everything. If it were MVP, then he should win out of Curry, Evans and Jennings, but the actual ROY award is based mostly of personal achievement, and thus Evans deserves it.
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