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Default Re: Brandon Jennings is ROTY

Originally Posted by ILLsmak
So then BJ is first for rookie of the year and Collison is second? lol...

No, idiot. My point is that you are overstating BJ's impact on the bucks, an impact that several other rookies could also make. Impact is all you have, because if not for the bucks record, there is literally NOTHING else that can be said to say BJ deserves the award over players with superior production and efficiency. Problem is, as I said, his impact is being overstated for exactly that reason. Put Evans, Curry, or even Collison at point, and they at least do the same or better as BJ.

Do you really think he's a bad shooter? This kid on the Illini, the guy in my avatar, is a great shooter, but it's his freshman season and he came in and after starting off hot, he bricked the whole rest of the year. Threw up air balls... etc... Remember how many air balls Kobe threw up?

I said he's an inconsistent shooter, and that other players have been more efficient and consistent scorers. I don't really get your point. It seems you just want to make excuses for BJ while penalize Curry and Evans for being better statistically.

Jennings is a good shooter he just had a bad season shooting. I like Jennings because I understand his mind state. He runs the point like I do. A lot of people think it's bad, but I think it's good... you gotta make the defense respect you by shooting and you have to find your shot. As I have said in other threads, I believe the reason rookies usually struggle from the field is they shoot more than vets to find their shot. Where as vets have more experience to get off early, you know? So, if Brandon JEnnings goes 4-14 but 8 of those misses were in the first half, and he makes clutch shots down the stretch it's not really as bad as you think. Try to think outside the box a bit.

So your point is that making baskets is irrelevant. What really matters is that he's taking shots. Yeah, ok.

Jennings had two of his best games against Tyreke's team and Curry's team. I think that when he is allowed to, he can score just as well as they can. But he's actually trying to run the point.

And you are implying that the other rookies don't run point. This is what I've been trying to say: BJ is literally doing NOTHING on the court that other players couldn't step right in and do at least as well. You say BJ runs point well. Ok, well there are at least 3 other rookie guards who do the same. So how are you making a point about him being more deserving?

As LA said, Jennings is the only one that seems to be learning how to WIN and yes that is something that has to be learned... plenty of players put up good stats on bad teams... you can assume that they would do well if they went to another team, but we KNOW that Jennings played well for the Bucks.

And that just shows your ignorance, because Evans and Collison were WINNING GAMES and keeping their team competitive when they really shouldn't have been that early on. To think those players couldn't win on better teams in a softer conference is something that hasn't been explained.

He did get benched when Ridnour was wet or when Jennings was just playing stupid, but I don't really hold that against him. One could also say that Coach Skiles has BJ on a tighter chain.

Exactly. Skiles whipped his team into shape. He's a big reason why the bucks were as good as they were, and to think that an experienced guard like Collison, or a high IQ player like Curry, or an overall talent like Tyreke couldn't perform at least as well as BJ under Skiles is MORONIC logic.

I'm not saying he should win it, but it's not laughable. He's come up big... if you don't include him in the discussion, that's kind of hateful.

There is literally nothing that BJ has on his side, other than the TEAM's record, to put him in the discussion. And because of that fact, all his supporters have to argue with is impact on his team, and since that is their last rung, they cling to it and overrate it. The problem BJ has is that there are at least 3 other rookie guards who could do what he did, and nothing he has done sets him apart. Other players have been more productive, more efficient, and could win in his situation. If the kings or warriors drafted BJ, this wouldn't even be a discussion. We would be handing the award to Evans or Curry and watching them play in the playoffs right now.

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