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Default Re: Brandon Jennings is ROTY

Originally Posted by Meticode
He's improved a lot this season, and the not watching the Bucks doesn't work for me since I live in Wisconsin the last almost 6 years. Being consistent is a big part of improvement. Imagine if J.R. fuckin' Smith was consistent, he would be a borderline star probably if he got regular starting minutes. Consistency is a huge improvement.

I see your point. I also think health and consistency are interwoven, and that his health allowed him to be consistent, but he hasn't necessarily become more skilled or better at anything in particular on the court.

But even if people assumed Bogut would be healthy, they still didn't see the same type of success for the Bucks. IMO, a healthy Bogut has been one of the top centers in the league for a couple years now... I don't really see who is competition has been either.
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