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Default Re: Brandon Jennings is ROTY

Originally Posted by Meticode
Health is very true on that aspect, but two seasons ago he played more games and more minutes and averaged less in points and blocks and field goal percentage and rebounds and free throw percentage than last season. Although it's a moot point for me to bring up 2 years ago when that was only his third full season.

I definitely do feel he became a better defender above everything else. And while I hate to spit out numbers all the time he did average 2.5 blocks per game this year when before than he averaged .8, .5, 1.7 and last year at 1.0. Skiles is a good defensive coach, and Bogut was the main anchor of that paint defense to me

Yes, defensively he did become more assertive. I think Jennings on court leadership and chemistry with Bogut helped in that regard as well. I think Jennings leadership ability as a rookie is being overlooked. I actually like the way this kid has carried himself on and off the court. Outspoken at times, but that's cool by me. More teams could use that.

I see Bogut missed 13 games this season.
Any idea their record in games he missed?
Just curious..
I know they went 5-2 from the Phoenix game in which he got injured.
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