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Default Re: Round 1, Game 2, April 19: Utah Jazz (0-1) @ Denver Nuggets (1-0)

All the hopes of a 3 seed and a playoff run went down with that Phoenix Game.

With Okur and AK out, and Boozer sorta injured, it is hard to get excited about much of the playoffs. Bummed out.

I expect Mello to have another great game. The only thing I want to see is how Fesenko and Koufos handle their minutes.

My Prefered Rotation
Williams (38) / Price (10)
Matthews (32) / Korver (16)
Miles (32) / Korver (16)
Millsap (38) / Koufos (10 + foul trouble)
Boozer (38) / Fesenko (10 + foul trouble)

Edit: Sloan said he is likely keeping Millsap coming off the bench.
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