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Default Re: Draft Age Minimum

Originally Posted by Go Getter
I think the rule is culturally biased and unfair. There are some players that come straight from HS that bust and others that blossom.

I know some people are going to say that they ruin the league but with the D-league and veteran bums stinking up benches across the NBA I don't see how those points are valid.

The NCAA just wants to make money off the backs of these athletes....I commend Brandon Jennings on going overseas...if you don't want to play college ball; you shouldn't have to.

No other sport [besides football....a port in which teens would get killed] do they make kids go to college before turning pro.

Basketball is big business and a lot of slimeballs make major coin off of these kids....can't blame them for not wanting to be pimped.

true dat
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