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Cool Conference Finals or Bust for Dallas

Conference Finals or Bust for Dallas
Written by Travis Pulver
Monday, 19 April 2010 16:21

For the last ten years they have been among the best in the National Basketball Association. In that time span they have not finished lower than 4th in the conference nor have they won fewer than 50 games in any season (average of 56 a season over the decade). With free agency and the promise of a bigger payday right around the corner, maintaining a team of high quality for such a long period of time is no easy feat.

However, in that time frame the Dallas Mavericks have had trouble doing what really counts- winning the big one. Four times the Mavericks have lost in the Conference semifinals and three times in the first round including the 2007 season where they won a team high 67 games. With all the personnel moves that Cuban has made over the years they have only managed to make it to the Conference finals twice. They were only able to win one, but lost the NBA Finals to the Miami Heat that year after opening up a 2 game lead.

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