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Default Re: Draft Age Minimum

John Wall is better than most backup NBA point guards this year but he had to risk his pro career and put his dream of playing in the NBA on hold for the sake of the NCAA?

Why should he even care about the NCAA?

Why did he even have to get into bed with a sleezeball like Calipari?

The education argument is old and very very stupid...if you can make 10 million dollars before college you'd be an idiot not to take it.

Colleges will always be there for those who want to take advantage of them....but 10 mil will not always be on the table.

and some of these athletes aren't college material....but, we'd have them take the spot of someone who is a good student or student/athlete just so they can make money for some program that doesn't give a **** about the kids....and when some reporter finds out that they had help with schooL/tests [with the help of the university/coaches/boosters] or that they took money from an agent/booster the ATHLETE/kid gets into trouble and has their name sullied while the coaches and NCAA suffer no/little consequences
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