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Default Re: Draft Age Minimum

Originally Posted by Go Getter
for what?

College is supposed to prepare you for your career.

If a player/person wants to go to college for one year or five years it should be up to that man not some old bag of bones in a suit.

These players are people with real life problems and families...the reasons for them going to college or going pro are varied. It's not my business, the NBA's, or the NCAA's business to tell them what to do with their lives.

No one made Sidney Crosby go to college before playing pro one tells MLB to let those Cubans and Dominicans to go to college before they sign them to pro contracts.

Why should basketball players get treated any different?

Oh yeah, because they sell more shoes and jerseys and products than other sports....and the NCAA wants to pimp them.

I'm just getting sick of all these one-and-dones, so whatever stops that is fine by me.
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