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He's not going to get much better. Think about it he's been in the leauge now what like 4 years. Think about if you worked on your game for four years and your still ok. Especially after being the number 1 draft pick and being compared to kevin garnett. I just don't see him getting much better. He misses like 6 points a game just because he can't catch a ball right, then misses like easy 3-point plays because he misses a dunk, or an easy lay-up. When he was in the post against Diaw in the Phoenix series, there were a couple of times that instead of taking him hard inside he would post for a second and then turn around and fadeaway with a jump hook. Also, mentally he gets down on himself way to easily. If he misses a couple of shots he just dissapears from the game.
I just don't think he'll ever develop into a great player as he was highly regarded to become, i do think he could be a pretty good third option with the lakers.
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