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Default Re: San Antonio Spurs @ Dallas Mavericks Game Thread (Mavs lead series 1-0)

hill is sitting out, last i heard. that's a major blow to san antonio already, because he's their 4th guy and another defender to throw at dirk (yeah that's right).

the big 3 had 60+ points (71) in game one. they held their end of the bargain.

pop called out jefferson and mason for game one, saying they played like dogs. jefferson scored 4 points on 1-4 shooting.

blair only played 8 minutes. temple didn't play in favor of the aforementioned mason.

if pop doesn't trust the rookies blair and temple a little more (and knowing pop, temple won't play at all in the playoffs), then the series is done. it's time to sit roger mason for good. the guy is not simply in a bad stretch, he is just a poor player.

for the spurs, sadly, it all comes down to jefferson or an absolute monstrous game from one of the big three. otherwise, the series will most likely end like last year's-in 5.
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