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Default Re: San Antonio Spurs @ Dallas Mavericks Game Thread (Mavs lead series 1-0)

Originally Posted by raiderfan19
thats the thing, we arent too good of shooters. Caron/marion/damp/haywood/jj/stevenson can all be left open without any fear of them hitting jumpers.

And no matt bonner guarding dirk one on one isnt the answer. The best thing to do would be to put timmy on him and hope that them both being superstars would let timmy get away with being super physical. The risk you run there is that A) timmy cant guard him without fouling which puts it on the refs to let him get away with things. B) it takes a ton out of his legs and you need him on O and C) if the refs do call the fouls on him, hes in foul trouble and there goes the game.

You'd be surprised how good we've made you guys look the last couple years in regards to outside shooting. The way I see it is that sometimes you guys can't miss when you're open. Butler is decent, made some nice jumpers in the third and early fourth to build that double digit lead in Game 1. Barea isn't a bad shooter but not a guy we'd want to leave open either. Marion isn't really a spot up guy, and your bigs really aren't guys who would step outside anyway. Kidd and Terry are really our biggest threats from the perimeter, but sometimes we even forget that Kidd has that range and give him open looks.

Don't look for Duncan to guard Dirk unless it's the last few minutes of a close game, when even most likely he wouldn't be the guy. But Duncan has lost a step or two and I could see Dirk taking advantage of his slow movement and blowing by him for layups honestly. I'm really curious to see if Pop changes up our defensive strategies at all or just hopes that Dirk isn't as hot as he was in Game 1. I guess we will just have to wait and see.
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