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Default Brain Teasers and Riddles

Just some good brainteasers and logic problems. You don't have to answer them all. But lets see if we together can all get them eventually. Some are really easy. Others are kind of hard.

1. You drive to work at an average speed of 32 miles/hour. The trip back your average speed was 44 miles/hour.

Is it possible to determine what was your average speed for the whole trip? If so, what was it?

2. A train leaves for Chicago from Detroit. It is traveling 80km/hr. Half an hour later, a train leaves from Detroit to Chicago, it is traveling 60km/hour. Which train will be close to New York when they meet?


Five friends are in a game room. There is a video game which 2 at a time can play. Is it possible to determine who is playing if the following is known? Either Kelly or Henry, or both, are playing. Either Ron or Victor, but not both, are playing. If Amy is playing, so is Ron. Victor or Kelly are either both playing or neither is. If Henry is playing, then so are Amy and Kelly. If it's possible to know for sure, which 2 are playing?

4. In an island there are 2 type of people, knaves and knights. Knaves always lie, and knights always tell the truth.
You encounter 2 people. Person A and Person B.

A: "I'm a knave or B is a knight".
B doesn't say anything.

Determine what A is and what B is (Knight or Knave). If not possible to determine, say so.

5. You are given 3 boxes. 1 box contains a million dollars, the others is empty. If you pick correctly which box has the million dollars, you win the million dollars.

Suppose you pick Box 1. The host then opens Box 3 to show you it's empty, then he asks you if you want to change your choice to Box 2. From a probability aspect, would it matter if you changed your choice or not?

6. You are in a classroom full of 20 students. Everyone has a paper. The teacher says exchange papers with everyone that is shorter than you. How many total exchanges will there be?

7.. You have 2 ropes and a box of matches. You want to measure 60 minutes exactly using only the ropes and the box of matches. Here is what you know:

a) Each rope takes exactly 80 minutes to burn end to end.
b) The rope itself is made out of different material throughout the rope. So, it's rate of burning is not constant throughout the rope.

Can you measure exactly 60 minutes? If so, how?

8.. A King tests 3 logicians. He has 8 hats. 4 Black and 4 White. He asks the logicians to close their eyes. While that is being done, he hides 2 of the hats behind him, and puts 2 hats on each logician. When the logicians open their eyes, they can only see the hats of the other 2 logicians, but can't see their own hats nor the hats the king hid.

The king then starts asking them if they can tell which hate they have on:

Logician A: "No Idea"
Logician B: "Don't know"
Logician C: "Not sure"
The King gets mad, and asks around 1 more time
Logician A: "I still don't know"
Logician B: "I've figured it out"

And he gets it correct. What hats was B wearing and why?
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