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Default Re: Tebow Taken Before Jimmy Claussen and Colt McCoy?

So, lemme get something straight: A big part of their draft decision, I'm sure, was they liked Tebow's leadership, character, and intangibles. Of course, none of that really means much if you are a backup/situational player.

NFL players will NOT tolerate a young, rookie backup coming in, and trying to lead. And he's going to have to keep his religious faith to himself. Guys just don't wanna hear that. Can he be just one of the guys, as opposed to a leader?

I just don't think his leadership qualities that make him so desirable are going to work with what his role is going to be. All you are going to be left with is a guy who will undoubtedly work hard and apply himself, but at the end of the day, be a backup.
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