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Default Re: Tebow Taken Before Jimmy Claussen and Colt McCoy?

Originally Posted by TennesseeFan
That stuff won't make you a backup/situational player, that will get you on the field.

I guess time will tell.

I know character/work ethic are all important, but it seems to me that the Broncos used it at the MOST important qualification when they drafted him. Without knowing a whole hell of a lot about their team (admittedly), it seems like they could have gone in a different direction. Fill a need as opposed to going after a backup QB who is a "good guy." Does the drafting of Tebow address any major issues the Broncos had? I think that's what one should use their first round pick for.

But I guess you cant discredit the jersey sales in Denver that will result from this, plus how well this will play off the field and in the community. That's certainly part of it.
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