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Default Re: Should the Sixers have traded Andre Igoudala?

I just still do not get the logic of "he's not a franchise player, let's get rid of him". Of all the people on the team we could get rid of, the right move is to get rid of our best player? Keep in mind we still have on this roster:

Willie Green
Lou Williams
Jason Kapono
Jason Smith
Maurice Speights
Elton Brand
Thaddeus Young

If you want a good playoff team you need a guy like Iguodala to be the stopper with some scoring ability who can make plays. The reason he has value is because he is good, and do you think we're going to trade him for Wade? Stoudemire is over-rated and a sidekick at best who would have just left anyway. Maybe it's just me but if we dump the players above, keep Iguodala, Holiday, Meeks, get a good coach and have a good draft this year and the next we may be finally in a position to get out of this hole come 2 years from now.
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