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Default Re: Tebow Taken Before Jimmy Claussen and Colt McCoy?

Originally Posted by QUIZZLE
IMO, the bottom line here is that I don't think you're gonna find anyone who's going to work harder than Tebow.

To me this is said about Tebow because you cant really brag, hype up any QB skill he has. Dude lacks so much as a passer that you need to develop and even change mechanics like how he holds a ball, throws a ball that people need to find something great to say about him. I mean he is one of the best players in college football history so come draft time you cant say crap about him as a QB? Hmmm oh yeah lets play up his work ethic as being the best in the draft. That'll give him some kudos. Lets also say his intangibles are the best in the biz. Yeah see we're giving him something now.

Not saying he doesnt work his tail off. He definately does. But to say out of all the prospects drafted its the best? No. Just no.

Tim Tebow is either going to have a lot of people revealing how his ass tastes or we're gonna be lined up to take over Mel Kiper and Todd Mcshay job. Should be interesting.
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