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Default Re: Tebow Taken Before Jimmy Claussen and Colt McCoy?

Originally Posted by QUIZZLE
IMO, the bottom line here is that I don't think you're gonna find anyone who's going to work harder than Tebow. You don't win 2 Heismans for nothing. I guarantee he's been working on everything everyone's been bytching about and he will continue to do so. Tebow's gonna be the first one in the locker room and the last one out every damn day of the week. That kid will do work here in a few years.

He didn't win two Heismans. He won one Heisman and was a finalist two other times.

And he may have the best work ethic of any draft prospect ever. That's all good. But he is a project quarterback, and IMO, you don't trade away later draft prospects to move up in the 1st round to draft a project QB. Especially one with as many questions surrounding him as Tebow has. Clausen may not be a sure thing but at least he doesn't need as much work and development as Tebow.
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