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Default Re: Round 1, Game 3, April 23: Nuggets @ Jazz

Originally Posted by Younggrease
that could be true...but in that case neither is as good as they were portrayed to be...The year against GSW Dirk was the MVP and this year people talk about Melo as a top 5 player.

The year he won the MVP, he won it because he successfully led his team to the best record in the league... He was the MVP for the regular season.

Just because you were the best player on the best team on average out of 82 games doesn't give you any guarantees to win a BO7 against another pretty good team, especially when there's a player like Baron Davis on it who creates serious match up problems.

Melo is playing terrible right now. He's acting childish, the team is failing at everything, although admittedly the offensive calls are pretty harsh.

Utah is playing great. Millsap is 11-14. They have 5 turn overs total, Derron Williams is insanely hard to stop as usual, and people greatly underestimated Utah's talent when they said that there's no way they can win without Okur and Kirilenko.

This doesn't all of a sudden mean that Melo isn't a top 5 player, he probably is.
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