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Default Re: Draft Age Minimum

The College rule should be thrown out. Age should be thrown out. Heck, if a player is NBA caliber at the age of 16, there is no reason why the NBA should hold them back.

If anything, the NBA could capitalize on expansion of it's business with D-League and other programs to get some of these kids off the streets.

If players are too dumb to play in the NBA, what would college do for them anyways? Lower the bar for them, and give them a free-pass degree? Yeah, that's not fair. You don't need to be a NASA scientist to play a sport, just commited and possibly gifted.

Let the players choose. If the NBA is worried about having to many young players at the door, make them pay to prove themselves. Certainly if someone is poor, and can't afford to get in early, someone would sponsor them if they are good enough. One way or another, liberty works itself out naturally.
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