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Default Re: Colt McCoy drafted so late

Originally Posted by KG215
How so?

And I'm not asking to mock you, I really want to know. I can't break down and analyze football players that well. It's not something I've ever been that strong at, but I've never felt like I was watching a QB who is too short when I watched a Texas game. He's not 6'4"+ but he's in the 6'1"-6'2" range which isn't tiny.
Just the way he moved around in the pocket. I always got the idea that he may have been a bit bothered by the height and ability of defensive linemen and linebackers to get their hands on passes. I rarely saw him take a conventional drop back, stand tall in the pocket, and deliver the ball. He seemed more comfortable, to me, when they rolled out the pocket and let him move his feet to create the right passing lanes.

Clausen was the opposite, from what I saw. I was a bit surprised by his lack of height at the combine, because he always seemed to stand tall in the pocket and step into his throws like a conventional QB.

I'm not criticizing McCoy. In fact, I had him rated in front of Clausen coming in to the draft. There are a lot of excellent QBs with unconventional styles.
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