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Default Re: Cincinnati Bengals official offseason thread

1st round--Jermaine Gresham, TE Oklahoma. He missed all of 2009 due to a knee injury, but looks to be fully recovered. Is compared to Todd Heap. Has got good hands, which is something we didn't have much of last year. Some say he's not a good blocker, but other reports say that he's adequate enough. Fill a strong team need, so happy with this pick.

2nd round--Carlos Dunlap, DE Florida. Pass rush was lacking after the Antwan Odom injury, so I'm glad we went in this direction. I thought maybe they would draft a safety, perhaps Taylor Mays. Main question with Dunlap is his maturity.

I like the collection of talent we have at the DE spot. There is the aforementioned Odom, Michael Johnson, Johnathan Fanene, who was solid last year after Odom went down, and Bob Geathers, who doesn't collect the stats, but can be disruptive.

3rd round--Brandon Ghee, CB Wake Forest. For what it's worth, he ran the fastest combine time amongst corners. We may not be able to keep Johnathan Joseph AND Leon Hall longterm, so he may fill in.

3rd round--Jordan Shipey, WR Texas. Has overcome early injury issues in his career. Bengals need help at this position, so glad to see them draft him. Can play the slot, and is a good YAC guy. One of the top rated wideouts of this draft.

4th round--Geno Atkins, DT Georgia. Thought they might go safety here, but they added some depth to the D-line. For what it's worth, a rather fast DT

4th round comp. pick--Roddrick Muckelroy, OLB Texas. A move for depth and for the chance that Dhani Jones shows signs of aging this year.

5th round--Otis Hudson, G/C Eastern Illinois. A bit of an unknown. Bengals fans are grumbling a bit about this pick. Hard worker, and saw a few comparisons to Michael Oher.

6th round--Dezmon Briscoe, WR Kansas. They say he catches everything throw his way. A bit slow, but they say the same thing about other guys who go on to have good careers. Compared to TJ Houshmanzadeh. We got A LOT of guys going into training camp, vying for that 3rd reciever spot. Love the competition.

7th round--Reggie Stephens, C, Iowa State. A versitile player, and adds to the depth

I'm somewhat surprised no safeties were drafted, but overall, I'm happy with the draft.
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